Monday, October 19, 2009
I didn't like this video, because everytime I watch this video I felt that many lives seems to suffer. Many people feels to have a deep fear and trauma. Many properties seems to wasted just like the garbage. I also feel that if I was one of the people who also suffer I might become ashame of myself because after the disaster I have nothing left except myself it makes that I lost...
Multiple personality is a mental sickness wherein,a persn created different personalities, unconciously. People create personalities because of the events happened on her/him during his/her childhood. SYBIL lives her grandparent but life with them is not easy. Them hurt Sybil they make Sybil's childhood life miserable which until her teen life she's still caused it.
Sybil created different personality which unconciously and the personality she wants to be with and the personalities really on her body but because of her experiences she cannot be able to performed because she was afraid, afraid the people would be able to accept it and rejected her.

This video is a true story of a woman named Sybil same as it title. Sybil is a possesed multiple personality, she created different personality out of her subconcious.
Sybil create different personalities through her childhood experience. Her childhood days become miserable because of her grandparents at the age of three, Sybil already experience being sattered child. She grown up with hatred, sacrifice and scream. Her life become an easy her chilhood experience become one of the causes of her mental unsesiveness. The personalities she perform are one of the personalities she want to be with because she never feel that things in her entire life. She has the talent and intelligentual aspect through her life.

The video was really interesting, it give a lesson to each viewer, especially parents, grandparents and all individuals. So many lesson were presented, first;love,it show give to everyone care and forgiveness
I also like the video because Sybil die her very best to conquer her sickness. Fight for will be fine and being her good persona.

Relation to Psychology:
The movie presented the real symptoms and characteristics of the presented sickness.
The relation of the video to the psychology was the whole package of the video first the presented sickness, symptoms and the psychological process or the therapeutic process the psychologist use.